Symmetry Platform

Sugar Cubes are a new type of 3D lighting fixture
Modular, versatile, and lightweight
Take your events to the next level


Sugar Cubes

First of a new generation of 3D LED fixtures

Our flagship lighting product.  The Sugar Cubes are the building blocks for 3D immersive experiences of any environment and scale. Use 10 to sculpt a intimate experience, or 10,000 to captivate a filled stadium.

Powering each fixture is the state-of-the-art Symmetry Controller.  Designed hand-in-hand with our proprietary software platform Stellar, together they unlock performance unprecedented performance.



All-in-one software engine for creative LED

Stellar makes stunning use of creative LED simple, using powerful technologies at its core to empower everyone from creative to production.  All the tools you need – mapping, content creation, and control – are integrated together in one place, and designed to automatically configure each system to what you need.

Spend time crafting your vision rather than preparing for it.

  • Blazing performance – high refresh rates and low latency create liquid smooth animations
  • Each pixel individually controllable with over 16 million colors
  • Mount to one another, or to truss with standard clamps, to create any structure
  • Pack flat for shipping, quickly unfolds to fill space with less effort
  • Plug in and done – smart onboard controller relieves pains of complicated wiring and mappings
  • Waterproof
  • Pre-packaged with beautiful 3d, music responsive content that instantly works on any fixture layout
  • Highly optimized, can easily run 1000's of fixtures
  • DMX integration with lighting profiles for popular consoles like GrandMA
  • Model builder makes layout and configuration a snap
  • Easily customize content to your needs – select exactly the right color
  • Runs on Windows and Mac