Design & Technology Studio

We create interactive experiences utilizing custom-built LED hardware, controlled by our proprietary LED-mapping software, for a wide range of clients and industries.

Every single LED is addressable and mapped in 3d space. Our animations hand-crafted to each to each installation. From conceptualization to production, our ability to build magical experiences is due to our relentlessness and attention to every detail.

Public Art

We work with cities & major real estate developers to design & build installations designed to last decades & inspire millions.

Experience Design

We work with companies to create custom immersive experiences that engage audiences, activate spaces, and push the boundaries of interactive art & event design.

Live Performance

We work with artists and production companies to create precise, cutting edge lighting designs that withstand the rigors of international tours.

Artist and entrepreneur Alexander Green’s work bridges the digital and the tangible. Trained in both physics and jazz, Green seeks to explore the boundaries of knowledge and expression; science and music remain vital sources of inspiration in his practice.

____Green’s recent work, and the core of Symmetry Labs’ offerings, are a series of modular “light instruments,” volumetric lighting installations in which dozens, hundreds, or thousands of LEDs illuminate custom- or spec-built hardware frameworks. Using Symmetry Labs’ proprietary software Stellar, these LEDs are mapped into three-dimensional space, offering control down to the individual pixel, allowing users to create perception-altering kinetic sculptures of light.

____Green’s work has been featured in Gizmodo, The Creators Project, and Discovery Channel’s “In The Making.” He has directed internationally acclaimed music videos for Eric Prydz and Cathedrals, and has performed at conferences and music festivals around the world, including Future of Storytelling, Treasure Island Music Festival, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, and Dreamforce. He is the subject of an upcoming PBS documentary on innovation in art, Ineffable, in collaboration with violin virtuoso Tim Fain, and was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the Cannes Lion Innovation Festival, entitled “Beyond Sound: The Music Experience of the Future.”


Kyle Fleming

Ysiad Ferreiras

Conor Grebel
3D Artist

Michael Robbins
3D Artist

Francisco Lara
3D Artist

Aaron Oppenheimer
Project Manager

Cameron Nagai
Production Manager

Meredith Winner
Production Coordinator

Chase Azimi

James Lucey

Jake Lampack
Senior Engineer

Haldean Brown
Senior Software Engineer

Ka-Ping Yee
Senior Software Engineer

Raphael Palefsky-Smith
Software Engineer

Hike Danakain
Embedded Systems Engineer

Keegan Olton
Fabrication Lead

Eitan Cher
Mechanical Engineer

Sam Costigan
Mechanical Engineer

Justin Cheung
Mechanical Engineer

Kevin Johnson
Electro-Mechanical Engineer