Black Rock City

A legend, come to glorious life.

Symmetry Lab’s most iconic work, the Tree of Ténéré revives the legend of the most isolated tree on earth. At Burning Man 2017, the tree sprouted anew as an oasis for awe, connection, and transformation, spurring a legend of its own.

Ténéré became the centerpiece of the Burning Man Festival, and a symbol of the art, connection, and technology made possible by the global community.

  • Event
    Burning Man 2017
  • Location 
    Black Rock City, NV

Unbelievably Real

Ténéré is a 40-foot tall custom LED tree, the first ever of its kind. Its over 175,000 LEDs interacted with the rhythms of participants and provided shade and beauty for an orchestra, multiple weddings, and countless moments.

Fully climbable and interactive, Ténéré’s realistic bark and leaves created an otherworldly experience of life during the day, and a mindblowing display of color and light at night.